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Eliza's Sky Blue Suede Sandals

Sorry about the alliteration.
Photo: Farfetch

Photo: Farfetch

I don't think I've described shoes as "cute" in about a decade, but I'm going to do so now. These shoes are so effing cute I could cry. 

They're chunky and strappy, and, most importantly, a colorful suede. (Specifically: blue suede.) I'm not sure why, but I'm a sucker for soft, highly pigmented fabrics, having recently bought a forest green suede jacket from the '70s in a moment of blind lust while at a thrift store. Maybe it's masochism, because suede is so easily ruined when it comes to shoes. 

Regardless. These are beautiful, and they're quite discounted. Realistically, I can't afford them, but someone really should buy them.

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