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Rihanna Says Nothing, Speaks Volumes With Slogan Dress

We shall not forget our place.

Just in case you've been lulled into thinking the stars are just like us, what with our contouring foundation and Instagram accounts, Rihanna ventured out into a rainy Sunday night in New York to remind mankind that it's RiRi's world — and we're just living in it. 

In an ankle-length bedazzled slogan dress by Discount Universe that reads "YOU WILL NEVER OWN ME" on the front and "I WILL NEVER FEAR YOU" on the back, the pop star made a defiant statement in the face of the unrelenting paparazzi flashbulbs. Rihanna may be constantly scrutinized for her sexuality, style and music, but it only feeds her power. 

She's got us in the palm of her sparkly oversized hand clutch. 

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