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We Got a Dude to Try Out Rob Lowe's Skin Care Line

The review is mixed.
Rob Lowe, perennially handsome gent. Photo: Profile

Rob Lowe, perennially handsome gent. Photo: Profile

Men's grooming products have been experiencing a bit of a boom over the last few years, spawning products like Tom Ford's manly makeup offerings and sophisticated skin care from men's grooming brands like Anthony and Jack Black. Then there's Korea, where men's grooming products are a rapidly growing market, much like their made-for-women counterparts. Men want nice skin, too, okay?

And now Rob Lowe has thrown his hat into the ring, joining celebrity entrepreneurs like Salma Hayek (Nuance) and Cindy Crawford (Meaningful Beauty) with a newly launched skin care line called Profile. The line consists of five products, ranging in price from $24.50 for a shave gel to $59.50 for a post-shave serum. 

Lowe is, first and foremost, an award-winning actor whose screen credits run the gamut from "The Outsiders," "Brother and Sister," "St. Elmo’s Fire," "Wayne’s World," "West Wing" and, most recently, "Parks and Recreation." And let's not forget those ridiculously entertaining and self-deprecating Directv commercials. Oh, and Lowe, 51, is really, really good-looking. 

To say that Rob Lowe is aging gracefully is putting it mildly. Obviously he has a legion of aesthetic experts available to him and can't really credit this newly-launched line with keeping his skin in good condition, but I nonetheless wanted to put his products to the test.

A little about me: I’m a 30-something-year-old male with an established skin care routine. I use at least three products daily: MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15, Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream [Ed. note: This is really one of the best eye creams out there on the market. Rob Lowe has his work cut out for him.] and RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. For five days, I suspended my usual regimen and used Lowe’s Profile line.

The products. Photo: Profile 

The products. Photo: Profile 

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I replaced my facial soap with the Profile Action Rehydrating Cleanser. The active ingredients include oat extract, coconut, aloe vera and yerba mate. The scent is a bit Old Spice-y, and I wasn't a fan. I prefer a cleaner fragrance or no fragrance at all. However, it was a serviceable cleanser. My face felt clean and hydrated after using it.

The same is true for the shaving cream and aftershave. They, like the cleanser, do exactly as they claim. I also found the Revive Eye Rescue Serum to be effective. Because I'm used to using a thicker eye cream, I was at first taken aback by the syrupy consistency of the serum, but it noticeably minimized my puffiness and dark circles, as promised. 

I replaced my normal moisturizer with the Lift Anti-Gravity Moisturizer. Like most of the Profile products, one of its active ingredients is oat extract, which give the products a soothing, hypoallergenic quality akin to Aveeno products. Profile products are advertised as having no added water, which avoids the fleeting effects of water-infused moisturizers, which are not as effective once they evaporate.

The moisturizer didn't absorb easily into my skin. No added water plus the oat extract makes for a thick, almost chalky texture. When it finally absorbed, it did moisturize quite well. I liked that it dries matte and prevented my face from looking shiny. I would still prefer a moisturizer that applies more easily, though.

My biggest gripe? There is not a single Profile product that contains a sunscreen. For a line that markets itself as an anti-aging skincare line, at least one product with SPF should have been provided. After all, UV rays are the biggest cause of skin deterioration. Rob, you live in sunny California. Sunscreen, please! 

After five days on the Rob Lowe skin care plan, I  went back to my tried and true regime. However, I do think the Profile skincare line is more than just mediocre products looking for a boost via a celebrity endorsement. They seem thoughtfully formulated with effective ingredients. My final grade: B.

The Profile skincare line is available now on its website and at Nordstrom in fall 2015.     

Homepage photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images