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Alyssa's Self-Tanning Facial Oil

This is how I plan on faking a sun-kissed face this season.
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St. Tropez Luxe Facial Oil, $35, available at Sephora.

St. Tropez Luxe Facial Oil, $35, available at Sephora.

As much as I love a good tan and the feeling of the sun hitting my face on a summer day, I am well aware of the damage that both will cause my skin. Instead of risking premature aging and other, much worse maladies, I have started to swear by self-tanner, especially products by St. Tropez. My newest discovery from the brand is its lightweight oil that gradually gives your face a hint of color over time. The results might be too subtle for some, but since I just aim to achieve that sun-kissed glow on my nose, cheeks and forehead, it's just right for me. With proper use, I can assure you there's no orange-y undertones, and it didn't cause me to break out or come with that unpleasant self-tanner smell. As an added bonus, the bottle is travel-sized, so I plan on toting it around as my beauty secret weapon this beach season.

St. Tropez Luxe Facial Oil, $35, available at Sephora.

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