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Jessica Alba's The Honest Company Is Getting Into Beauty, Too

Cue the Goop comparisons.

Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only Hollywood actress turned lifestyle entrepreneur who is diving into the beauty business this year. On Wednesday, Jessica Alba announced that The Honest Company, the eco-friendly household and baby product company she co-founded four years ago (and which is now said to be worth $1 billion), will be launching a beauty range this fall.

Details, at present, are scarce. We know, via Instagram, that color cosmetics will be part of the collection, but not whether skincare — which seems like the most natural fit — will be. A spokesperson for the company did not immediately respond to a request for further information.

Meanwhile, Paltrow & co. are busy preparing for the launch of their own beauty range, a joint venture between Goop and organic cosmetics line Juice Beauty. Launch details are still vague, with some beauty products expected to debut later this year, and skincare to follow in 2016.

While both product lines will likely market themselves as organic and/or eco-friendly, their size, price points and distribution strategies should differ considerably. Goop CEO Lisa Gersh said earlier this week that her team is more interested in a direct-to-consumer model, while The Honest Company's products are already distributed through a range of retailers, including Target, Costco and select Whole Foods locations.

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One thing's for sure: The Honest Company could not have a better spokesmodel than Alba. Her skin quite literally glows.