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Newly Merged Victoria, Victoria Beckham Line Makes Whimsical Debut

Victoria Beckham looked to the circus for a playful pre-spring collection.
Photo: Victoria, Victoria Beckham 

Photo: Victoria, Victoria Beckham 

When Victoria Beckham announced last month that she'd be folding her denim collection in with her lower-priced line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, we weren't entirely surprised. We'd already seen both Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs merge their respective offshoots with their main labels, suggesting that for designers, this year is all about simplification.

But Victoria, Victoria Beckham's newly combined debut for spring 2016 is far from simple. Teetering on a finely crafted balance of kook and polish, this collection confirms that neither quality nor creativity was sacrificed in the merger. Beckham drew inspiration from the circus, according to a release, pairing bold color combinations with sharp graphics and iconography. Whimsy aside, the range manages to maintain all of Beckham's signature stark elements, including her dedication to crisp silhouettes and subtly femme hems. It harkens back to Marc by Marc Jacobs's earliest collections, many of which sustained a monopoly on mid-priced, fanciful pieces. 

We would be remiss, however, if we didn't point out the surprising scarcity of denim within this line. Admittedly, pre-spring isn't the best season for bulky jeans or jackets — but we do hope to see more of Beckham's take on the casual fabric as the brand continues to grow.

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