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Maura’s Perfectly Patriotic Retro Sweatshirt

A fresh take on a jaded classic.
Vintage America Kim sweater, $110, available at Wildfox.

Vintage America Kim sweater, $110, available at Wildfox.

I find it difficult — if not impossible — to hate on the Fourth of July. Not only does it represent the very pinnacle of summertime festivities, but revelers get a long weekend to indulge in the following if they so choose: ice cream cones, day-long beach sessions, char-grilled hot dogs, noisy (yet magical) fireworks and, naturally, celebrating Amurrrica. It’s perhaps the only weekend of the year during which it's acceptable to wear a flag-printed bikini for three days straight; even the tired skeptics amongst us must appreciate that.

And yet, I’ve found it challenging to find patriotic apparel that’s neither emblazoned with the year, rendering it useless going forward, nor completely corny. Usually, I’ll stick to a general red-white-blue color scheme and leave it at that. But this year, I’m thinking of morphing into one of those all-out partygoers and investing in a piece I know I’ll wear for future Independence Days and beyond. 

I’ve long been a sucker for any über-soft item Wildfox produces, and with vintage lettering and raglan-style sleeves, this festive sweatshirt is just versatile enough to wear to July Fourth barbecues or, say, brunch in November. I might throw it on over a dripping swimsuit, or pair it with jeans and high-top Converse sneakers. 

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Vintage America Kim sweater, $110, available at Wildfox.

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