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Ariana Grande Is the Best Possible Celebrity to Launch a Fragrance

The universe cried out for an Ariana Grande scent, and she delivered.
Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

According to an Instagram announcement Thursday, Ariana Grande is gearing up to release her debut fragrance, Ari by Ariana Grande, in September. I couldn't be more excited.

Although celebrity fragrances made a lot of money at one time, I never felt like I understood a famous person better just because they'd stamped their name on a particular scent. What does Katy Perry actually smell like? As Maura pointed out over Gchat, probably John Mayer. And what does he smell like? Probably coffee and leather jackets. We've seen Britney Spears struggle against and overcome too much to think that "Fantasy" is anything close to her reality. 

That's where Ariana Grande is different. The website for her perfume says that "the luscious and sexy fragrance opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine florally passionately spun with musks and woods and an addictive hint of marshmallow." And I'm certain that combination of ingredients is the purest distillation of her soul. Grande's music is addictive. Her singing voice is luscious but also sparkling; her aesthetic is the girliest. Even when she's embroiled in scandal, it's because she licked a bunch of frosted donuts. And the perversity of describing a fragrance containing notes of marshmallow as sexy? That is the Ariana Grande Sexy Baby Experience. 

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The bottle, a pink grenade-shaped affair, is like a spikier version of Viktor & Rolf's Flower Bomb... with a puffy white bunny tail attached. If Ariana must wear those cat ears all the time, her fragrance, too, needs adorable animal accessories.



What else could an Ariana Grande fragrance smell like? According to the rest of the Fashionista team: Hairspray. Angel wings. The air between the Sweet Factory and the Yankee Candle stores at the mall. If her team wants to reach out regarding our ideas for any follow-up scents, hit us up. We're here for it.

To be 100 percent clear, I have no intention of purchasing Ariana Grande's perfume, because I'm perfectly happy smelling like an adult. But, at least right now, it is My Everything.