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Eliza's Baby Sunscreen For Wise Adults

No skin irritation here, people.

Unless you're on the market for a skincare product designed to tackle adult-specific problems, it's always struck me as somewhat illogical not to go for the "baby" version of whatever you need to buy, since, presumably, it's the gentlest and least irritating option out there. Sure, this might be an exercise in gross self-infantilization, but there is one category that legitimately does benefit from the baby treatment: sun protection.

If you've ever experienced stinging and redness after using sunscreen, this Aveeno formula may be for you. Do I sound like a pharmaceutical ad? I guess you can ask your doctor, or you can just pick up a bottle for 10 bucks. It's perfectly effective on the SPF front and, after showering post-beach, actually leaves my skin feeling softer than it was before. Cha-ching!

Aveeno Baby continuous protection sunscreen, $9.99, available at

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