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Calvin Klein Jeans's Fall Campaign Is All About Sexting

This is what the kids are into, guys.
From Calvin Klein Jeans's fall 2015 campaign. Photo: Mario Sorrenti/Calvin Klein Jeans

From Calvin Klein Jeans's fall 2015 campaign. Photo: Mario Sorrenti/Calvin Klein Jeans

Few brands are targeting their ad campaigns to the younger generation of consumers as aggressively as Calvin Klein. For spring, the American label featured a scantily clad (and heavily tattooed) Justin Bieber as the face of the season, followed up by a denim campaign starring social media star Kendall Jenner. While both received immense attention around the globe — and in the case of Bieber's campaign, resulted in an uptick in underwear sales — it wasn't exactly a new strategy for Calvin Klein, which remains notorious for its decades of highly sexualized ads, from Brooke Shields in the '80s to Kate Moss and Marky Mark in the '90s. 

The latest element of youth culture that the brand is incorporating into its ads — and arguably the most contrived-seeming — is sexting, and its fall 2015 campaign features intimate, suggestive messages posted alongside its cast of hot, broody models. Shot by Mario Sorrenti, the images, according to a release from the label, are a "sociological experiment turned fashion campaign," and provide "an editorial narrative of how a modern generation uniquely approaches sexual connection in a digital world." In other words: the kids are into Tinder these days.

This new campaign is reminiscent of the recent revivals of the CK One fragrance ads that featured ensemble casts in intimate situations — like couples making out and taking selfies in the bathtub together — but unlike any others the brand has released, this one is particularly text-heavy, meaning that customers will likely spend more time engaging with the ads and reading what the sexy messages have to say. And that's always a good thing.

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