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This May Be the Cringiest, Most Awkward Cara Delevingne Interview Ever

The news team at "Good Day Sacramento" is likely at the top of the model-turned-actress's shit list right now.

Unless you've been completely tuned out from pop culture over the last few months, you're likely aware that Cara Delevingne has been busy promoting her lead role in her first-ever feature film, "Paper Towns," which hit theaters last Friday. While Delevingne is a newbie actress (she's also set to star in "Suicide Squad" alongside Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Will Smith in 2016), she's spent the past four years as one of the most in-demand fashion models in the world. So, it should come as no surprise that the witty, generally energetic 22-year-old is a pro at giving interviews. And while her press tour has gone pretty smoothly thus far, all hell broke loose on "Good Day Sacramento," where she was a guest last week.

Teen Vogue brought this clip to our attention, in which the anchors not only belittle Delevingne's commitment as an actress — they dared to ask her if she'd even read "Paper Towns" — but they also told her how "irritated" she seemed and that they were going to cut the interview short so that she could take a nap and get a Red Bull. Delevingne, whose irritation is arguably warranted, is as sharp-tongued and sarcastic as we hoped she'd be. As this went around the Fashionista office, we all had our jaws on the floor, so we suggest you take a look for yourself.

(Also, for the record, viewers probably recognized the actress from from her 932508 ad campaigns, not Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video.)

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Front page photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images