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My 7 Days of Fierce Challenge [Sponsored]

Over the course of one week, I completed seven challenges — from wearing bold orange lipstick to trying a yoga class for the first time — designed to make me feel more confident in my own life. Spoiler alert: It worked.
The author. Photo: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista

The author. Photo: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista

Hi ladies :) Nora, here!

Remember how I told you guys about Carefree's super-inspiring 7 Days of Fierce challenge? The one that's guaranteed to make you feel more fresh, confident and badass after only a week?

Well, over the last seven days, I tried it out for myself (along with YouTube vlogger Lindsay Albanese), and let me tell you: It ruled. To recap, each kit comes with a week’s worth of Carefree® daily pantiliners and seven mini-dares meant to bring out your fierce side. By trying Carefree® for seven days (which, by the way, are so thin and soft I sometimes forgot I was even wearing a pantiliner), and then being more daring in terms of beauty, bravery, friendships and health, I can't remember another week where I've felt more... ME. It's definitely inspired me to be a little more outgoing, fierce and confident in my everyday life.

Read all about my experience doing the 7 Days of Fierce program below, and then make sure to check out all the great ways you can keep it fresh and fierce at!    

Day 1: MAKE A STATEMENT. Hot pink, deep purple, bright orange. Whatever your boldest lipstick color is, put it on — you can still feel sassy even if all you’re doing is running errands.

When it comes to lip color, I'm usually pretty classic: either a true red lip, or nothing at all. But after getting this first assignment for the 7 Days of Fierce challenge, I couldn't resist going a little wild. 

Seeing as I haven't worn a new lipstick since last summer, it felt like time. I busted out a limited-edition lipstick that was super bright, matte orange. And my co-workers definitely noticed. In addition to getting compliments from them (by the way, a few were bummed the shade's been discontinued), my waitress at dinner told me she loved it before she even sat me and my friend down at our table. 

Of course, the one downside to bright lipstick is getting nervous about having to make touchups... but I'd say the mood boost was worth it.

Day 2: POWER UP. Every woman has one pair of panties that makes her feel extra fierce. Power panties, if you will. Wear yours today and let its power radiate. 

Some people might consider "power panties" to be something sexy, racy and very small. But not me!

Full disclosure: I have a LOT of undies. For the most part, I blame it on my penchant for buying five-for-$25 sets instead of just doing my laundry. The laundromat is boring, OK?

That said, I do have my favorites — and in my underwear drawer, that's a pair of cotton hiphuggers with an orange goldfish print all over them. They're so comfy, and with stretchy lace lining the top, they fit me perfectly. And, as everyone who knows me can attest, I'm obsessed with animals (including my pet fish).  So whenever I do get around to the laundry... these are usually the ones I pull out first to help me feel fierce. Challenge no. 2, accomplished! Best part: it kept my underwear fresher, longer.

Day 3: STRUT YOUR STUFF. You know that song that always gets you pumped up? Listen to it with headphones on in public, and see if it puts a strut in your step.

I'm ALL about music, especially songs that put you in a certain mood (or fit the one you're in). As much as I hate to admit it, I woke up on my not-so-fave side of the bed today, meaning I really needed a pick me up.

Then, just as I was getting off the subway on my way to work, one of the most upbeat songs on my iTunes started coming through my headphones: "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn. (Fact: It also happens to be one of my fav karaoke go-tos.) Seriously: If that song can't put a little pep in your step, I don't know what can!

As I walked to the office, I felt myself walking to the pace of the song — making me move a little quicker than I usually would that time of day. It was exactly the motivation I needed to start my workday off right and I felt like I could take on any challenge that came my way.

Day 4: FORWARD THE FLATTERY. When it comes to compliments, giving can be as good as receiving. Tell a stranger something nice — you never know what she might say back.

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On the way home from work on the subway today, it was really crowded. (Gotta love rush hour in New York!) Everyone was packed into the train cars like sardines, but luckily, I was able to find a seat. Still, as grateful as I was to rest my legs, that meant there were a bunch of people leaning over me as they stood holding onto the poles.

At this point, I was halfway through my seven days of wearing liners and I was already noticing how much fresher I felt. Sweaty subway, be damned! Things were going great.

That's when I noticed that the woman standing in front of me was holding the most gorgeous phone case: It was clear, with pressed flowers on the back. Right up my alley! Before I could even think of keeping my mouth shut, I blurted out, "I LOOOVE your phone case! So pretty." 

"Thank you so much!" she smiled, and looked genuinely flattered and happy. So yeah: It actually wasn't weird at all, and I felt good about making her feel good. Talking to a person you don't know can seem a little awkward or scary, but in the end, it's pretty much always worth it.

Day 5: MIX AND MINGLE. Playing hostess with the mostess takes poise and charm. Flex your social skills by throwing a dinner party — invite five Facebook friends who don’t know each other to mix things up!

Straight chillin. Photo: Nora Crotty/Fashionista

Straight chillin. Photo: Nora Crotty/Fashionista

Usually for me, mixing my separate groups of friends is reserved for birthdays and holiday parties. But when I found out I'd won a happy hour special at one of my favorite bars in the City, I knew it was the perfect time to mix things up (and partake in Day 5 of the 7 Days of Fierce)! I invited a few friends from my current job, some from an old internship, my old roommate and a few more.

Even though some of my friends assumed our night out was some kind of late birthday celebration (I swear, it wasn't!), they ended up loving the idea of getting a big group together on a random night, just because. A few even brought along their friends whom I hadn't met yet — which made the night even better. 

The best part? Getting down in a dance circle led by my friend's boyfriend. We've all been talking about doing it over again, soon. 

Day 6: SPEAK UP. Putting yourself out there always takes confidence. Whether you’re in class or a meeting, find an opportunity to raise your hand and say how you really feel.

Even though I'm not an especially shy person, it's still sometimes hard to share your opinions or ideas when you're in a large group of people. But in honor of the 7 Days of Fierce challenge, I was determined to be heard. 

Since I'm still pretty new at my current job, I usually sit back and listen at our team meetings more than anything. But today we had one about different ideas each of us had for improving content. Even though the site mostly covers topics about fashion and celebrities, I've always really loved writing about dating — especially from a first-person perspective.

Long-story-short, I put my fiercest foot forward and touched the idea of covering those subjects more — and my editor was really into the idea! So that was pretty awesome, and I'm getting started on a piece about dating this week. You never know until you ask!

Day 7: TAKE A CHANCE. This week may be over, but you can keep the fierceness going! Sign up for a class or workshop on something you’ve never tried before. Here’s your chance to show off those hip-hop moves we know you have!

So here's the thing: I'm not exactly the most athletic person. I have a gym membership, yes, but most weeks, I'm lucky if I make it there once. (Sad, I know.)

But I have a friend who's really into yoga, and she's been asking me for a while if I'd want to go with her to try it out... and after a week of feeling fierce, I decided to go for it. It's always fun to try something new, right? 

The 50-minute class was hard, and verrrry sweaty. I definitely fell a couple of times, but thought I was going to fall a lot more than I actually did. But after a while, I really got into the zone. It was nice to just kind of forget the rest of the world for that hour or so, and focus completely on my self and body. Afterwards, I actually signed up for another week of classes! Who knows, maybe they'll make a yogi out of me yet...

And so concludes my 7 Days of Fierce! Though, to be honest, it doesn't really end there. I felt so clean and confident throughout the entire week — mostly thanks to Carefree liners, which are so thin and soft! They helped me feel fresh, and in turn, let me stay focused on just being myself. My dares may be done, but I'm definitely not letting go of this new daily routine.