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Chain & Charcoal Is Hiring Multiple Positions In NYC

Chain & Charcoal (on-trend jewelry with the right agenda) is looking for clever, driven, imaginative and talented team members.
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Chain & Charcoal (on-trend jewelry with the right agenda) is looking for clever, driven, imaginative and talented team members who get us… (and communicates well and with ease; plays well with others and are generally great to be around). We have two key pillars of the Chain & Charcoal: on-trend jewelry and our Be A Boss community.

The following positions are currently available: Experienced Managing Editor & Content Writer with strong Social Media experience and a Creative Director Eye (Senior level: Freelance/ Part Time to start); Marketing & Community Engagement (Freelance/Intern); Event Producer (Freelance); Brand Partnership & Strategic Alliances (Freelance); Photographer

Managing Editor & Content Writers with Creative Director Experience (Senior Position: Freelance/ Part Time to start)

Experienced editor and clever, smart copy writer who feels at one with our voice to meticulously edit and manage content for our website(jewelry/product as well as Be A Boss content), all our social media platforms and our digital magazine, C&C Collective. You’ll work with (and inspire) our growing team of contributors. We’d love for you to step into creative direction (with a keen and cool eye) for the site, photo shoots, social media promos, events, etc.

The details:

  • You get us – the company vision and where we’re headed. You are drawn to the brand and voice – and are eager to dive in with verve and a continued fresh perspective
  • You’re the person people want to hang with, have coffee or a cocktail with and get social with because they love what you have to say. You write with flair, authenticity, and an engaging sense of style -- and you have the wherewithal to grow as well as heighten the experience of our site, social platforms and digital magazine
  • You have excellent writing and editing skills; editorial experience
  • You’ve possess unparalleled attention to detail and time management
  • You articulate the C&C voice with genuine passion and verve resulting in an engaging site and social media platforms, support of our existing social community with continued (loyal) growth and an increase in jewelry sales
  • You authentically speak to a 17-25 demographic; understand what our audience (& future audience) likes and responds to
  • You think strategically about growth and actively roll up your sleeves
  • You have a solid understanding of the most beneficial social media tools for our needs and utilize analytics to make our platforms perform better
  • You’re a versatile writer – fashion (and beyond), lifestyle, business (for young entrepreneurs and leaders) providing original content with a funny, smart (occasionally pithy), edgy and straightforward voice that will seamlessly speak to our audience – leaving them eager for more
  • In addition to content/copy, you know your way around crafting internal/external business documents or company one sheets/presentations
  • You have experience organizing and building digital magazines and will be key in refining C&C Collective, taking it to the next level
  • You work well with photographers, graphic designers to expertly communicate the vision, voice, vibe and desired needs of Chain & Charcoal
  • You can secure/create editorial photos for all social platforms, promos and contests, if need be, in your sleep

Please note: senior writing and editing experience along with proven, successful social media background a must. Managing a team is a plus. Please check out our social media as well as to learn more about our voice and brand.

If this sounds like you, please introduce yourself, let us know the position you’re interested in and send along your resume and writing samples/ social posts to; Subject: New Hire from Fashionista - Job Title

Marketing & Community Engagement (Freelance/Intern)

We’re rolling out campaigns across all marketing channels and looking for someone creative, innovative and savvy to help take the wheel.

The details:

  • You brilliantly craft clever, engaging and actionable marketing initiatives and social marketing campaigns to further the brand across all marketing channels as well as drive sales
  • You actively and honestly engage our existing social communities, leading to further growth and loyalty (and can identify best way to engage the audience)
  • You’re a creative, strategic thinker and you really get us (you'd be a customer even if you didn't work here)
  • Organized with good time management skills had your name written all over it
  • You have examples/analytics of previous customer acquisition tactics, successful marketing campaigns and community building

Please send a few words on background, desired position and resume to; Subject: New Hire from Fashionista - Job Title

Photographer (Freelance)

The details:

  • You get us, what we’re achieving and the role photography plays at C&C
  • People, places, and things… you shoot it all with ease
  •  You edit/photoshop the shiny and sparkly stuff without issue and make them stand out
  • You have an eye for creative editorial photos
  • Your lens speaks volumes in being clever, creative and on brand for C&C
  • You have an eye for and are not offended if we ask for your help sourcing stock photos
  • Turning over raw and edited photos very timely is no problem and your preference
  • You get that “startup friendly” means pretty tight budget initially

Please send a few words on background, desired position and resume to; Subject: New Hire from Fashionista - Job Title

Event Producer (Freelance)

If you’re an experienced event producing partner/producer of high level, high profile events – we have a few engaging events coming up and need qualified team members to take from conception to execution. Let’s talk.

Please send a few words on background, desired position and resume to; Subject: New Hire from Fashionista - Job Title

Brand Partnerships/Strategic Alliances (Freelance)

If you have extensive experience in relationship building (including high level) along with sourcing and securing products and services, writing and communication skills that excel, and your attention to detail is not just meticulous it’s borderline obsessive, let’s talk. Please produce examples of past experience and success.

Please send a few words on background, desired position and resume to; Subject: New Hire from Fashionista - Job Title

Image provided by Chain & Charcoal

Image provided by Chain & Charcoal