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Must Read: Ebay Acquired for $925 Million, Topshop's Archive Collection Is Here

And why Abbey Lee wishes she'd told Alber Elbaz to go f**k himself.
A piece from Topshop's recently laumched Archive Collection. Photo: Topshop. 

A piece from Topshop's recently laumched Archive Collection. Photo: Topshop. 

Ebay sale finalized for $925 million
Ebay is selling its Enterprise business in a bid to streamline before it separates from PayPal, which will trade as its own company come Monday. It was sold to a consortium led by private equity firm Permira for $925 million. The deal leaves Ebay with only its marketplace business. {Reuters}

Maxim launches women's swimwear line
Maxim, the magazine, is launching a women’s swimwear line that will be shown at Miami Fashion Week. Conceived by editor in chief Kate Lanphear, the collection draws inspiration from Bridgitte Bardot and reflects the magazine’s recent rebranding efforts. The swimsuits will retail from $76 for separates to $320 for one-pieces and cover-ups. {WWD}

Topshop reissues 33 limited-edition pieces
Topshop Archive, a collection of 33 limited-edition pieces reissued from past Topshop collections, arrives in store and online Thursday. And the Archive collections won't end there: people are encouraged to post their favorite old pieces with the hashtag #BringThatBack on social media to potentially influence future reissues. {Topshop}

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Tory Burch awarded $41.2 million in counterfeit suit
Lin & J International Inc. has been order to pay Tory Burch $38.9 million in damages and $2.3 million in attorneys' fees in a trademark infringement suit. The order puts to rest litigation that began in 2013, when Burch accused the firm of copying and selling thousands of rings, necklaces and earrings that infringed on her trademarks. {WWD}

Can we call the Apple watch a flop?
Reports show that Apple Watch online orders in the U.S. have decreased since the product's hyped-up launch, and that Fitbit fitness trackers are still outselling it. Still, there are a number of reasons why it's not fair to call it a flop — yet. {Quartz}

Abbey Lee opens up about modeling 
Former model Abbey Lee reflects on the vagaries of the fashion industry. "You are so disposable as a model, there is no security in it and you don’t really believe people actually care about you," she says, recalling one instance when Alber Elbaz told her she looked drunk and threatened to cancel her from his show. "If I could go back in time, I’d tell him to go fuck himself." Thankfully, the supermodel has been able to transition into acting, starring in Mad Max: Fury RoadRuben Guthrie, and The Neon Demon. {The Guardian}