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Dhani's High-Waisted White Jeans

The FUPA is minimal.
A.P.C. Victoire Jeans, $157.99, available at Need Supply.

A.P.C. Victoire Jeans, $157.99, available at Need Supply.

When it comes to shopping, I tend to just buy whatever I like and don't usually worry much about whether or not I can "pull it off" (not that I'm a huge fashion risk taker; I veer towards the simple). Still, white jeans have always made me nervous. Not only can they be extremely unforgiving, but they also present some underwear challenges and just seem way too easy to ruin via spills, sitting on dirty surfaces (something that's nearly impossible to avoid in New York City), etc.

But for some reason, I couldn't help myself when I saw these A.P.C. jeans on sale online the other day — they just looked so cool — so I impulsively bought them.

And I'm very glad I did. While there might be a hint of FUPA after a big meal, the high-waisted, cropped fit is totally flattering and comfortable. And they feel a little more crisp and put-together then a standard jean. Of course, I still run the risk of getting them dirty, or worse, staining them for good. But thanks to the reduced price, I won't be quite as bummed if I have to send them into an early retirement.

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A.P.C. Victoire Jeans, $157.99 (down from $280), available at Need Supply