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Karlie Kloss Will Continue to Spread Her Gospel With New YouTube Channel

The #brand is strong with this one.
Kloss at the premiere of "Paper Towns." Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kloss at the premiere of "Paper Towns." Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

One of the most fascinating fashion careers to develop in the last few years is that of Karlie Kloss. After being scouted at the age of 14 and modeling for years on the high fashion circuit, Kloss rebranded with a focus on fitness and gunned for big commercial jobs, locking down contracts with Victoria's Secret, Nike and L'Oreal. She sells agave-sweetened "kookies" through a partnership with Momofuku Milk Bar (the proceeds of which benefit Feed Projects and the CFDA), and has aligned herself with the startup world by founding a coding scholarship and investing in the eco-friendly brand, Reformation. She talked a big game about wanting to go to Harvard, eventually taking a week-long class at university's business school.

That's the Kloss brand: entrepreneurial, healthy, education-oriented. Also, Taylor Swift. And now — possibly inspired by Swift's own unrelenting PR machine — she's drilling down on her own personal messaging in the form of a new YouTube channel called "Kl<3ssy," which she announced via Instagram on Tuesday.

According to a rep for Kloss, that is pronounced "Klossy."

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What's in store for this venture? "The things you didn't get to see before, like the crazy things that happen on set and the thrilling moments before I step out on the runway," Kloss explains in her intro video.

"Modeling has kept me very busy, but it's not my sole focus," she explains, in the manner she might address a college admissions committee. "I've made time for my baking career, learning how to code, and I just got accepted to NYU."

We've got you, KK. You're more than a model. But here: we'll let you tell viewers yourself.

Update: We have been informed that "Klossy" does not technically have a <3 in the middle of it. That was just a cute graphic design thing for the launch. We regret the error.