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See Mario Testino's Newest Official Portraits of the Royal Family

The brood was photographed after baby Charlotte's christening.

To celebrate the newest member of everyone's favorite royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enlisted famed photographer Mario Testino to snap some photos after Princess Charlotte's christening this past weekend. He did so well with the engagement portraits, after all. (Testino was also the favored lensman for Prince William's late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.)

Dressed in their Sunday best, the young family flashed their pearly whites in front of a well-manicured, deserted field of surely elite provenance. Prince George didn't seem too concerned about the serious nature of the occasion, as he barely stopped playing with his golden locks to give Testino some eye contact. Everyone else, however, looks absolutely perfect. You can barely see William's bald spot. 

Kate's closeup image with Princess Charlotte is particularly touching. So many creme tones, so much motherly love. 

Meanwhile, the boys of the family got their own adorable shot. George perked up significantly when given the chance to be the center of attention. 

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And finally, the entire clan of royals (and muggles) gathered together inside a well-decorated room for a group shot. Did everyone manage to open their eyes at the same time? Or is someone's head photoshopped in from another take? I suppose we'll never know.