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Alyssa's Chic, Convertible Shirt Dress

There are probably 100 ways to style this thing.
Art shirtdress, $390, available at Rodebjer

Art shirtdress, $390, available at Rodebjer

Often times, it seems that no one can style a piece of clothing quite like the man or woman who designed it. Case in point: when I dropped by Carin Rodebjer's resort preview last month — where the native Swede walked editors through her collection — I couldn't help but obsess over the shirtdress she was wearing. More specifically, how she was wearing it.

It was a simple button-down that fell just about to the ankle, with slits up both sides (as well as button openings in both the front and the back), and there seemed to be dozens of ways to twist, tuck and tie the piece into interesting silhouettes. If you're on the hunt for an easy, lightweight smock dress, just wear it in its most basic form (perhaps with a belt to cinch the waist), or if you want something more fashion-forward, try wrapping it around your waist or tucking in the front while letting the back hang loose.

Sure, it will probably take me a lot of practice to get this dress looking half as cool as Mrs. Rodebjer did, but I bet the trial and error process will be pretty fun.

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Art shirtdress, $390, available at Rodebjer.