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Sir Ian McKellen Is a Fashion Renegade

Makes you wish you, too, were a 76-year-old man.
Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Some days are slower than others when it comes to celebrity red carpet looks. Maybe Lily James stayed at home with Matt Smith watching "Friends" reruns. Perhaps Solange Knowles decided to record some tracks instead of hitting up a big party looking like a fairy princess riding into town on a beam of sunshine. This can also be a good thing, when there's no one to draw attention away from things like this photo of Sir Ian McKellen having what appears to be a splendid time in a very funky scarf at the premiere of his film "Mr. Holmes" in New York.

Let's break this look down. Because he is a renegade and, at age 76, legally qualified to give zero shits about what any of us think, he has defied every known rule of pattern mixing with that shirt/scarf combo. The suit jacket lends a certain formality to the whole look, and we've got some athleisure happening thanks to the baggy pants and Converse. It makes no sense at all, and yet nothing feels more right. 

Now ask yourself: has any painstakingly styled Hollywood starlet ever looked so confident on the red carpet? Do you now know what you're going to wear to the club on Friday? You do. You're welcome.

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