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Skechers Sues Steve Madden Over Athleisure Knockoffs

The shoe brand claims Madden infringed on a number of patents.
Steve Madden's version. Photo: Skechers

Steve Madden's version. Photo: Skechers

This week in corporate lawsuits, Skechers has sued Steve Madden for knocking off its "Go Walk" sneakers. We have a lot of questions here: Firstly, and sorry for the senseless editorializing, but if you have to rip off another shoe designer, why would you rip off Skechers? These are the people who brought us Shape Ups.

Anyway. In a suit filed on Tuesday, Skechers claims that Steve Madden infringed on a number of patents it holds for that particular shoe style, including the design of the upper, the outsole and its distinctive bottom, which looks like a collection of bubbles, or a Biology textbook illustration of a cell. Madden is profiting from its ripoff design, Skechers says, while it is losing out on sales.

This, of course, is not the first time Steve Madden has gotten hit with a lawsuit like this. (See: BalenciagaMcQueen.) We'll see how things work out this time.

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