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Some Predictions About Taylor Swift's Forthcoming Clothing Line

All of the things we'd like to see happen.
Photo: Carrie Davenport/Getty Images

Photo: Carrie Davenport/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Taylor Swift had signed a deal with the Chinese e-commerce site to sell a line of clothing designed "exclusively for customers." The purpose of teaming up with in an official capacity is to fight the sale of Swift-branded goods made by companies that don't have the rights to her name. It's an uphill battle to be sure, but if any pop star has the shark-eyed determination to pull it off, it's this one.

Here's what we do know: the line will include $60 tees, dresses priced from $100-120 and some cozy sweatshirts. Here's what we do not know: pretty much anything else. Is this just going to be apparel with her face and lyrics like "Players Gonna Play" stamped across them? Will she even see the stuff before it goes live on Aug. 8? Will we finally, finally receive a Goop-like curation of Taylor's most favorite oxford heels? ("We love them," we'll tweet to @taylorswift13. Then, more honestly: "Well, we love them because you brought them to us.")

Only time will tell. Until then, we'd like to offer up some suggestions for what we would love to see come out of Taylor Swift's made-for-JD clothing line. Aside from Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey embroidered cat sweaters, of course.

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—Sweatshirts printed with classic lyrics like "I mean this is exhausting," and, "Ooh, yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah."
—Sporty jerseys with names like "Hadid," "Dunham," "Kloss" and "Harris" written across the back. The corresponding numbers will shift based on how many times Swift has Instagrammed each person in a given week, but Harris will always be #1.
—Matching crop top and skater skirt sets in variations so endless they'll make your eyes bleed.
—"No, It's Becky" tees. Duh duh duh.
—Really, we were not joking about the oxford heels. Maybe Keds brand, in the vein of sneaker wedges?
—Bags with very tiny handles, only to be carried in the crook of one's elbow.
—Live cats. We know that's not clothing!!
—A right shark onesie. TAKE THAT, Katy Perry.
—A paper plane necklace because aw, Harry Styles.
—A reissue of this Taylor Swift 1989 blanket, but styled like the ponchos in Burberry's fall 2014 show.

Photo: & Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Photo: & Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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