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The Best Courtside Looks at Wimbledon

Rosamund Pike, Drake and Sienna Miller made for some stiff competition.
Rosamund Pike at Wimbledon. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Rosamund Pike at Wimbledon. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

At Wimbledon, what happens off the court is just as important as what happens on it. Okay, maybe not just as important, but the yearly tennis event in London is all about seeing and being seen. And one's attire cannot be underestimated: just ask Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton who, according to The Telegraph, was reportedly turned away from the Royal Box for not adhering to the suit and tie dress code for men. He missed the opportunity to hobnob with Anna Wintour and, even more tragically, Benedict Cumberbatch, who matched his knit tie to the stadium seats because he is perfect. 

Meanwhile Rosamund Pike took literal inspiration from the event, opting for a A-line dress with scalloped trim on the shoulders that she could have worn for a friendly tennis match. Sienna Miller also got the white memo in the form of a sleek jumpsuit topped with red lipstick. Not to be outdone, rapper Drake wore a white shirt and zippered hoodie. Kate Middleton bucked the trend, as we already noted, in a bright red day dress, as did her sister Pippa, who wore a patterned black and white matching top and pants that looked uncomfortably warm for the occasion. But who better to stand out on their home court than the Middleton sisters?

See images of the smartly dressed A-list spectators at Wimbledon below. 

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