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Maura's Breezy, Lacy Maxi Dress

ICYMI: It's roughly a zillion degrees outside.
Zara dress, now $39.99, available at Zara.

Zara dress, now $39.99, available at Zara.

Despite the rambling that is about to occur, I'd like you to know, editor to reader, that I do enjoy summer — love it, actually. After spending my childhood just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, I grew up appreciating searingly hot sand and hourly applications of sunscreen. For 18-odd summers, floppy jean shorts — still damp with fresh water — were my go-to, a staple I rarely accessorized with anything other than a swimsuit worn as a top.

But, alas, I now live in New York City. These days, my Julys are spent sucking up to friends with access to boats or Tri-State area vacation homes. By Labor Day, I'm reduced to a bubbling puddle thanks to Manhattan's particular brand of insulated heat. It's a good life.

It's officially that time of the year when I throw any sartorial caution to the wind, investing in garments that resemble silk scarves more than clothing. Just fitted enough, this ankle-grazing Zara dress looks as if it could have been plucked directly from the depths of my mom's closet. A delicate knit detail spices up the back, while lace embellishments provide a bit of texture to an otherwise simple fabric. And if it's too see-through for day-to-day wear — as it very well could be? — it'll make an excellent cover-up for those actively sought-after beach days.  

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Did I mention it's on sale?

Zara dress, now $39.99, available at Zara

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