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Chantal's Pinstriped Denim Backpack

I wear it, it doesn't wear me. You know?
A.P.C. backpack, now $154, available at Shopbop.

A.P.C. backpack, now $154, available at Shopbop.

I still regularly use a JanSport backpack that I got when I was 10 years old and it's covered in patches from different countries I visited throughout my childhood. It's very functional, but doesn't really help to get me taken seriously as an adult. Unfortunately, many of the "fashion" backpacks I've come across look too childish, nonfunctional or masculine to be worth purchasing. 

A.P.C.'s pinstriped style is refreshingly different. It's got a sleek exterior, but the denim fabric gives it a more casual, under-the-radar vibe. Inside it has a big pocket for papers and things, and the straps are padded to handle some serious weight (hi, laptop). The pinstripe pattern might be my favorite part — it reminds me of an old-fashioned blue-collar uniform, classic and utilitarian. 

A.P.C. backpack, now $154, available at Shopbop

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