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Maura's Blindingly White Sneakers

Because my once-pristine Stan Smiths have taken a beating this summer.
Common Projects "Original Achilles" sneakers, $410, available at Net-A-Porter.

Common Projects "Original Achilles" sneakers, $410, available at Net-A-Porter.

As a moderately athletic person, I tend to wear sneakers more than most other shoe styles. This, for the record, isn't because I'm an exercise-aholic who swaddles herself in athletic clothes whenever possible. It's because I have crappily structured feet, and if I would like to continue endorphin-releasing activities (which I would), then I have to protect my arches. I learned this from the man who dictates the majority of my footwear purchases: Winston. My podiatrist. 

In December, I none-too-originally bought a pair of crisp Adidas Stan Smiths, iconic green heel patch and all. But as tends to happen, this city's grubby summer sidewalks gradually turned them into damaged goods. I feel for them, I really do — but that sympathy doesn't mean I don't want to replace them. I've been eyeing Common Projects's completely versatile Original Achilles sneakers for months, even before my Stan Smiths bore a fleck of dirt. They're a bit smaller and perhaps less clunky than similar models, making them the perfect pairing for both jeans and sundresses. And while they're about $300 out of my current price range, I have no problem ogling them wistfully through the safety of a computer screen.

Winston, do you approve?

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Common Projects "Original Achilles" sneakers, $410, available at Net-A-Porter.

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