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Everlane Made Some Very Tasteful Photo Filters

We tested them out for you.
Photo: Everlane

Photo: Everlane

Are you reading this from a sunlit desk, a ceramic mug of coffee cupped between your hands? Were you just thinking about Instagramming the leather loafers you purchased yesterday? Do you own succulents?

Great news. Everlane, the online-born basics brand, has released a set of photo filters on the editing app Priime, which is like VSCO but with more vowels. These filters, which lean tasteful and subdued, are also the polar opposite of the rather bold ones Christian Louboutin released earlier this week through its new app, "Louboutinize" (which, yes, sounds deliciously similar to the act of performing a lobotomy).

Let's take a look at what Everlane and Priime have got going on.

"Modern," Priime says in its description, is useful for fashion and product photography; it works well with cool tones and white backgrounds. I tested it out on a photo I took last winter of earth goddess/co-worker Chantal Fernandez tenderly feeding the office cacti through a straw.

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Then there's "Around," which is supposedly good for lush, foggy nature and landscape photography. And indeed, it worked very nicely on this quaint New England road I stopped to photograph while on a "run."


Finally, we have "Minimal." This one is good for fashion and interior photography with warm tones and white backgrounds, Priime says. Here are some shriveled up strawberry stems I found sitting on my desk this morning because I forgot to throw them out yesterday.


If any of the above sounds appealing to you — I sure love it when people use public forums to talk about their detritus — note that it's a little tricky to find the Everlane filters within Priime. When you open up a new photo to edit, you're going to want to hit "Style" at the bottom, then click on "..." and scroll down the "Authors" list to find Everlane. 

You do technically have to purchase its filters, but the cost is an affordable $0. A small, annoying hurdle, but one well worth the opportunity to falsely portray that one picturesque corner of your apartment as the modern ideal.