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Six Fashion Newsletters Worth Subscribing to

Your in-box will thank you.
This guy just wants some good newsletters to read. Is that too much to ask? Photo: Carsten Koall/Stringer

This guy just wants some good newsletters to read. Is that too much to ask? Photo: Carsten Koall/Stringer

For the six years I've worked in media, I've depended primarily on a combination of RSS and Twitter to keep on top of breaking news in the fashion industry. But over the past year or so, I've found myself turning to newsletters for a more curated — and in many instances, more personal — digest.

Newsletters, as you might have heard, are going through a renaissance period. In lieu of automated story lists, more publications are taking the time to handpick links or even type out letters to their email subscribers. Several start-up media companies, from Thrillist to Redef to Daily Secret, have been able to raise millions of dollars in venture capital on the strength of their newsletters. And dozens of well-known freelance writers have launched thoughtful, intimate bulletins of their own. Even Lena Dunham is getting in on the action this fall.

We highlighted six of our favorite fashion-centric newsletters below.


FashionRedef is a daily roundup of the smartest new stories about fashion, beauty, technology and design. You won't just find links to WWD and pieces you've already read; curator and journalist Adam Wray scours a wealth of niche publications that offer alternative or specialist views. Best of all is the editor's letter that accompanies each mailing, which offers insightful analysis about the day's big news stories and Wray's personal obsessions (usually involving some combination of menswear and/or Kanye West).

Subscribe to FashionRedef here.

Business of Fashion

Well before it was a full-fledged news and analysis site, the industry turned to Business of Fashion for its daily roundup of five fashion stories from around the web and a weekly editor's letter from founder Imran Amed. The site's newsletter still serves that purpose today.

Subscribe to Business of Fashion here.

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Lauren in the Afternoon by Lauren Sherman

Former Fashionista Editor-in-Chief Lauren Sherman, who is today a freelance writer and New York editor of Business of Fashion, writes consistently smart stories for a variety of outlets. Subscribing to her weekly newsletter isn't just an easy way to keep track of them — she also offers personal commentary on big stories and industry trends, and shares a list of the best stories she's read each week.

Subscribe to Lauren in the Afternoon here.

10 Things by Of a Kind

Anyone who subscribes to the weekly newsletter of indie retail site Of a Kind will tell you that co-founders Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur are just about the coolest girls on the planet. In a short and sweet bullet-point format, the pair shares 10 things — ranging from clothes to recipes to articles to travel destinations — they're obsessing over that week.

Subscribe to 10 Things here.

The Cutting Class

Even in collection reviews, little attention is given to the technical details — fabric manipulations, sewing and construction techniques, etc. — that make a particular garment look the way it does. For those who do want a better technical understanding of clothing, we'd highly recommend subscribing to the weekly newsletter from Tumblr blog The Cutting Class. Each issue is just an automated feed of recent blog posts, but because the site publishes about once a week on average, we find it's much easier to follow along via its newsletter.

Subscribe to The Cutting Class here.


If you guys didn't already know, Fashionista has a newsletter of its own, which we send five days a week during lunch hour on the East Coast. Currently, it's a digest of the best stories we published each morning, but look for a more custom and personal revamp this fall.

Subscribe to Fashionista here.