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Must Read: J. Law's Dior Addict Commercial is Here, Myanmar Resets its Minimum Wage to Boost Garment Industry

And meet Baddie Winkle, an 87-year-old, Instagram-famous great-grandmother who recently fell in love with raver clothes.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion this Monday.

Watch the debut of Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Addict lipstick campaign
When Oscar-winning goofball Jennifer Lawrence isn't wreaking general havoc with Amy Schumer, she is busy fronting Dior's Addict lipstick line, a gig she's held since May. On Monday, the French fashion house revealed Lawrence's first "short film" — or, a glorified 20-second commercial — for the range, in which she applies a thick, glossy and magenta coat of the color while swiveling around in a high-backed chair. Très chic. {YouTube}

Myanmar sets $2.80 minimum wage for an eight-hour work day
As of Monday, the country of Myanmar has set its minimum wage to 3,600 kyat ($2.80) for an eight-hour work day. With one of the fastest-growing garment industries in the world, Myanmar's new pay level gives its garment industry a competitive advantage over pricier, better-paying garment makers in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. {Reuters}

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