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Dhani's Yellow Slides

I found them on Instagram.

It's little wonder so many brands and start-ups are working to make Instagram more shoppable. The social media platform has the power to make you want to buy things you otherwise might not be drawn to in a store or on an e-commerce site, or might never have come across otherwise.

One Instagram that has been seriously inspiring me to shop is that of women's shoe brand Marais USA. Founder Haley Boyd (who has a very inspiring Instagram herself) moved from New York to Los Angeles last year and recently began producing some of her products in a factory there. Her shoes were cute before, but the new made-in-L.A. styles are especially appealing.

I'm particularly fond of these yellow slides, which is strange because I don't think I've ever bought anything yellow in my life, nor have I wanted to. But Boyd made them look so. good. on Instagram. Multiple times. I need them.

Marais slide, $168, available at Marais USA.

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