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Lauren's School Teacher Loafers

Call them "delightfully dowdy."
Rachel Comey "Cava" loafer, $380, available at Rachel Comey.

Rachel Comey "Cava" loafer, $380, available at Rachel Comey.

There are many, many things I want to buy from Rachel Comey's Crosby Street store right now, among them: a navy and orange silk dress, moss-colored wide-legged pantswhite glove shoes (thanks, Lauren) and the loafers pictured above.

Loafers are my favorite type of shoe. They're the footwear equivalent of eyeglasses, making you look instantly smarter and more serious — particularly when paired with a cropped pant and a sweater. They also tend to be better made and last longer than other types of flats, like ballet shoes.

This pair is special because it bucks so many of the current loafer trends. It is not slim. It is not sleek. It does not have a pointed toe, a substantial heel, multiple textures, a grosgrain band across the front or any type of hardware. It's not trying to be sexy. Or trendy. It's just reminding us, ever so gently, how great a classic loafer still is.

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Rachel Comey "Cava" loafer, $380, available at Rachel Comey.

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