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Jony Ive, Bill Nighy Among the Surprises on 'Vanity Fair''s Best Dressed List

We're not saying we disagree — mostly.
Six-feet-plus of style. Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Six-feet-plus of style. Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Judgment day has come, ducklings, which is to say: Vanity Fair has released its annual best dressed list! Divided into a number of categories including women's, men's, couples, Hollywood, "originals" and a Hall of Fame, it's the usual hit parade of royals, "financiers," Emma Stones and fashion types. 

There were some surprises, though, the best of which came in the form of Bill Nighy leading the men's category, followed at number seven by Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive. If you, too, have never paid much attention to Bill Nighy's personal style, I'll tell you that a quick Google troll reveals a great many nicely tailored suits. But the important thing isn't his clothing. Much like Ira Glass, who was not on the list but should be considered for next year, Nighy's look rests on his thick-framed glasses and beautifully coiffed hair. At 65, the man has flow. 

While the products he's created are famously simple and wonderful, Ive's dressing is kind of nondescript. He's certainly made friends with the fashion community since introducing the Apple Watch, but we wouldn't really call him a style icon. Fun that he's on the list, though.

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Other notable appearances include Amal Clooney, Caroline Issa, the Public School guys and Alicia Vikander, fashion's most recent and fervent Hollywood crush.

The most appalling aspect of this year's list is the fact that Taylor Swift, who owns a lot of crop tops and is Vanity Fair's September cover star, ranked above Rihanna, who consistently steals the show at events like the Met Ball and the CFDA Awards, which are, let's recall, the most fashionable of fashion world affairs. Infinite respect to Ms. Swift for her endurance as a performer and business acumen, but this is deeply messed up, even if Vanity Fair needs to promote her right now.