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Maura's Boarding School-Friendly Sweater Vest

Summer, I am over you.
Zara micro-jacquard waistcoat, $29.90, available at Zara.

Zara micro-jacquard waistcoat, $29.90, available at Zara.

On Tuesday night, I made my biweekly pilgrimage to Target, a squeaky clean, sanity-restoring excursion I've come to love as an escape from New York's sweat-stained hustle and bustle. Ordinarily, I leave refreshed, armed with a small village of $15 candles and "Meadows and Rain"-scented dryer sheets. This week, however, was a different experience after I found myself in the store's Back-to-School section, a familiar detonation of backpacks and Trapper Keepers that made me painfully nostalgic.

In the past, I've made an effort to reintroduce the excitement that was shopping for school supplies in the more "adult" form of clothing and home décor. What with the start of fashion month just around the corner, I feel especially entitled to buy up a few new pieces that give me the sense of a fresh start. This Zara sweater-vest — or "waistcoat," I should say — is the perfect symbol of that Back-to-School spirit. Its fabric, cut and color are all reminiscent of boarding schools and grandpas alike, and would fit right in on a myriad of preppy, ivy-coated college campuses. And while I can't vouch for its quality, that price tag definitely can't be beat.

'Til 2016, summer!

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Zara micro-jacquard waistcoat, $29.90, available at Zara.

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