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Anna Kendrick Hates Velvet Hangers as Much as You Do

The actress used Twitter as her distraction during a recent closet purge.
Anna Kendrick with Kate Spade Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd at the spring 2016 presentation. Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Anna Kendrick with Kate Spade Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd at the spring 2016 presentation. Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Anna Kendrick isn't one to censor her hilarious, often self-deprecating and always down-to-earth comments for the press — or on social media. The actress has a loyal following on Twitter and Instagram, which is thanks in no small part to her funny quips about being a real person with anxieties and obsessions, like everyone else. This New York Fashion Week, she's been attending a few shows including Altuzarra and Kate Spade — of which she is a brand ambassador and star of a series of short films, the third of which debuts Monday and was directed by "Diary of a Teenage Girl" director Marielle Heller and has a very special guest star. See the video below. 

We spent a few minutes chatting with Kendrick after the Kate Spade presentation on Friday about the pleasures of closet purging. No, she's not familiar with the KonMari method, but she's got a pretty good Kendrick method figured out involving Twitter breaks, saying goodbye to ten-year-old hoodies and embracing silk pants. 

Hi! I want to ask you about a closet clean-out you recently tweeted about.

I spent a lot more time tweeting than cleaning. Sometimes I sort of hoard tweets and I overthink them and then I just never post them. And I was having one of those days when I thought, "I'm just going to tweet the first thing that comes to my mind." So I tweeted about hangers and then it became a fun thing to do as a break in between — because either you take a break from cleaning and you eat, or watch TV, and I would just tweet about the progress that I made. It was actually really silly and fun.

Those velvet hangers are truly annoying.

They are so terrible! And someone sent me more velvet hangers. They saw the tweet and said, "Not our velvet hangers." And it was like, yes, your velvet hangers! Those are terrible hangers. There's two shirts in your entire closet that require a really large hanger and the rest of them are just getting stretched out and weird. I was so excited about those velvet hangers, I bought so many. And then they're a lie. I feel really let down. I've got trust issues now.

Do you clean out your closet regularly?

Yeah, I try to. It's not like a scheduled thing, just when I'm in the mood. That's such a great feeling — purging a bunch of stuff that you don't need anymore.

Did you get rid of any big wardrobe regrets?

I mean, I got rid of a lot of clothes. Not a ton of, 'Why did I have that in the first place' but definitely a lot of, 'Why have I been hanging on to this since high school?' Because every time I do a purge, I think I get rid of all those things and I don't know — my brain doesn't even register them. I've just had this forever and it's going in the 'keep' pile. Just so many strange things that don't even fit right anymore.

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Because you have an emotional connection to it? Or a memory?

I mean that's probably the justification for it. There was an Old Navy hoodie that I had for a good 10 years. I got rid of that a couple of years ago, but there's stuff like that all the time.

Do you have any shopping regrets?

Not so much anymore, but I think I used to do that classic thing of buying something aspirational if it was on sale and then thinking, "What am I doing, what I am trying to prove?," you know? Who am I trying to impress? I don't even like this bag, it's just a designer that I know is important and yeah, that shit's a mess. You can't be doing that. That's not the point.

Was there a point in your adult life where you figured out your personal style?

No, I feel like I want to be settled into my style but I think that's actually the fun thing about the position that I'm in where someone makes me try on clothes. Because there's so many things that I just look at on a hanger and go, "Oh, that's not for me." And then I try on that shape and I really love it. [For example] the entire situation of the silk pant thing. I just thought, "Oh, that's not for me. If I'm wearing pants, I'm wearing jeans. That was the only reason I wear pants."

Why, because they are too billowy?

Yeah, I don't know. It was just one of those blocks in my brain where I thought, "Those are for other girls." And I put on a pair and thought, "Oh, this is maybe my new life." 

See a sneak peek of Anna Kendrick's third "Missadventure" film for Kate Spade below. 

This interview has been edited and condensed.