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Eliza's Tailored Overalls

The Ikea of dungarees.
Melange Dungarees, $150, available at Cos.

Melange Dungarees, $150, available at Cos.

Filling a wardrobe with interchangeable basics is all well and good, not to mention very practical, but sometimes a girl's gotta spice things up. To that end, Cos remains my favorite place to shop for clothing that mixes well with my otherwise bland closet but is reliably unique and vaguely off-kilter.

This pair of overalls, made in a subtly textured gray synthetic, is what I'm talking about. They're insanely simple, but are cut and tailored like trousers, which is an odd, or at least rare, thing on a full-body item like dungarees. They whisper, look at me (which, I guess, is the clothing equivalent of dropping some loud object to catch your crush's attention and then immediately looking away while twirling your hair.) 

Cos overalls, you've got my attention. Clean lines and a little bit of weirdness — what combination of aesthetic virtues could possibly be more motivating?

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Melange Dungarees, $150, available at Cos.

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