Kevin Hart and David Beckham Wear Matching Outfits in H&M's Fall Campaign Trailer

They're the two best friends that anyone could have.
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They're the two best friends that anyone could have.

It would be an understatement to say that David Beckham's H&M tenure has been a seasonal highlight. As the long-running face of the mega-retailer's Modern Essentials range, the 40-year-old soccer star (and professional hunk) has given us, the adoring public, many an opportunity to ogle his perfect physique. Beckham's physical allure knows no bounds, which is why it makes complete sense that 5' 4" comedian Kevin Hart would aim to mimic his every move. 

In a teaser for H&M's fall 2015 campaign, Hart plays a method actor who follows Beckham around in the hopes of portraying him in an upcoming film — and the athlete grows more exasperated by the minute. In the clip's 30 seconds, it becomes abundantly clear that despite their shared star-power, Beckham and Hart could not provide a starker contrast to each other. It's certainly entertaining to see Hart sidle up to one of the world's leading heartthrobs while they both wear matching sweaters, flannels and, adorably, even bathrobes. 

The video will debut in full on on Monday, Sept. 28, alongside a print and billboard campaign.

Homepage photo: @hm/Instagram