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Chantal's Agro Windbreaker

Because today this city is a sticky, humid mess.
"Stay Grimey" Jacket, $60, available at Despierta NYC.

"Stay Grimey" Jacket, $60, available at Despierta NYC.

What better day than today, the grimiest of New York City days, to wear Despierta NYC's "Stay Grimey" jacket? I spotted this irreverent piece of clothing on Instagram several months ago but it was completely sold out online, and due to my own forgetfulness, I missed a subsequent restocking, and only finally bought it this week — just in time for a series of hot, suffocating, humid days that make me feel sticky within one minute of being outside. 

The jacket is particularly perfect for this weather because it's waterproof and made of lightweight nylon. Once the temperature dips, I will layer it with insulating hoodies and such for increased warmth. The unisex jacket has a masculine cut that I find very appealing, too. It makes me feel like a P.E. teacher, but in a good way. It's armor against the smelly winds and questionable falling liquids so unavoidable in this city. 

And to those who might argue that because I wasn't born here I'm not technically a "local," I raise my middle finger and say: I'll hate to see you go, but I have a feeling you'll love to watch me walk away. 

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"Stay Grimey" Jacket, $60, available at Despierta NYC. 

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