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Models Took Selfies on the Runway at Dolce & Gabbana

The images were then immediately projected onto a screen, and shared on the brand's Instagram, for all to see.

When you travel to a foreign country to cover a fashion week, you are working, but you also often feel like a tourist, ordering food in a language you don't know, taking photos of landmarks and maybe even buying souvenirs. For spring 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana spoke to the tourist in all of us with yet another collection inspired by the designers' unshakable obsession with Italy.

Guests entered the brand's in-house show space Sunday afternoon to find an Instagram-bait set that was more or less Dolce & Gabbana's answer to Chanel's French brasserie from fall 2015, featuring a traditional Italian restaurant, flanked by stands for fruit and souvenirs. Four large screens hung above the audience displaying one word: "Selfie." Just as the show began, the brand used them to give us very little notice of what was about to take place. The screens read, "The models walking the fashion show will be taking selfies with you, which will be published online. Be part of this unique fashion moment!"

Indeed, several — but not all — of the models walked with phones in their hands and would occasionally stop mid-walk to take a selfie, which would almost immediately be displayed on the aforementioned screens. Backstage selfies were shown as well, and the brand also shared many of them on social media. Of course, this wasn't a new concept for the brand, which featured models taking selfies in its fall 2015 campaign.

Not only did the stunt provide content for Dolce & Gabbana's own channels but everyone in the audience wanted to document it as well, leading many editors to break any one-Instagram-per-show rules they may have established pre-fashion month.

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Not that the clothes wouldn't have been Instagram-worthy on their own. In typical Dolce & Gabbana fashion, color, embellishment, print and texture were not in short supply. Many pieces featured pictures of Italian landmarks and phrases like "Italia Forever" and "Italia is love," which was also seen on the invitations and on a sign at the top of the runway set. Floral prints, embroidery and appliqués were used heavily; there were also lots of landscape prints and what looked like painted-on brush strokes. Dresses and skirts made up the majority of the collection, but there were also several fun suits and a couple of pajama-inspired looks. Statement accessories — from gigantic bejeweled sunglasses to headpieces covered in fruit to embellished, on-theme handbags — abounded as usual.

For the finale, models changed into matching dresses that mimicked postcards from various Italian cities and charged the runway en masse, snapping more selfies along the way. Check out the full collection below.