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A Chic Line of Pubic Hair Grooming Products Now Exists

Yeah, you read that correctly.
The stripped down (hahaha) range. Photo: Fur Oil

The stripped down (hahaha) range. Photo: Fur Oil

Depending on what you read and who you believe, the full-on Brazilian wax is dead and the bush is back. The truth, however, probably lies somewhere in the middle. Women are definitely still shaping the hair on their nether regions into landing strips with hot wax, but there are just as many ladies (looking at you, Gwyneth) who are keeping some fuzz there, while avoiding going totally '70s.

For the woman who is somewhere in this middle ground and who craves a product more elegant than, say, a cream that has the word "Coochy" in the title (yes, that exists), there are few pubic grooming options. There are some formulas on the market for preventing ingrown hairs on the bikini line, but nothing marketed directly for the actual hair. Until now, that is.

Fur Oil, a two-product range for down-there-hair grooming, just launched this week. My first thought upon hearing about this product was: "Wut?" But after I met the sisters/BFF trio behind this product, I was fully invested in the concept. Emily Schubert, 24, got the idea for the product and broached it with her older sister, Laura Schubert, 32, who has a background in management consulting and finance. Emily is a freelance special effects makeup artist, a former architecture student and also did a stint at L'Uomo Vogue. "I started thinking about how women are treating their pubic area and how it's not really in line with what's going on right now," Emily says. "Fur is [what's on the] spectrum between having no hair and being unruly and unkempt. I feel like it's that new wave of feminism. You care about yourself, but it's more about you as a woman, not about men. I realized it really wasn't that crazy." She notes that we all slather on hair cream and body lotion, but frequently ignore our lady bits. 

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Lillian Tung, 32, a childhood friend of the Schuberts who has a few years of working in marketing at L'Oreal under her belt and is now the third partner at Fur Oil, notes, "Cosmetics is a crowded place and pubic hair is an empty space. So I was like, Yeah, no brainer. Everybody has pubic hair and we should make sure that we help them take care of it, no matter how they want to." 

To that end, there is an oil ($55), which contains a mixture of nine natural oils including jojoba, grape-seed, clary sage seed and tea tree, which is well-established as an inflammation fighter and antimicrobial. The oil is so safe that the team says that the cosmetic chemist who developed it poured some onto a plate at a swanky NYC restaurant, dipped some bread in it and ate it. (Take from that bit of information any sexual implications that you will. I did and I don't feel bad about it. Related: it also smells great.) The second product is a stubble cream, for softening hair and skin after shaving, waxing or laser treatment. It's richer and contains olive oil, tea tree oil and shea butter. Right now you can get both on the brand's website, which just launched this week. The trio is currently in talks with other retailers as well.

I tried it and I liked it. Let's just say (TMI ALERT, PEOPLE) that I fall into the category of "lazy pubic groomer" and am also a big fan of indoor cycling. A pubic hair oil makes a lot of sense to me. It absorbed really easily and didn't leave any oily streaks on my clothes. The packaging is minimal, sleek, and sophisticated, which is a refreshing change from the bright pink, cartoonish bikini line products that are out there. "I wanted it to look like timeless Chanel packaging or Yves Saint Laurent, but then I wanted there to be the shock factor when you look at it and it says 'For pubic hair,'" Emily explains. "It's out in the open and to me that's truly elegant."

Get on this, Miley.

Is there even any fur there? Maybe not. Photo: Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images For MTV

Is there even any fur there? Maybe not. Photo: Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images For MTV