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Harry and Peter Brant Got a MAC Collaboration

For guys and girls who want to look as beautiful as them.
Peter Brant, Harry Brant. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Peter Brant, Harry Brant. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If you think Peter and Harry Brant are nothing more than a pair of bored, wealthy socialites, think again. In between traveling the globe for various fashion weeks and film festivals, modeling for Italian Vogue, dancing with Lexi Boling at the Marc Jacobs party and (I think?) going to school, the extremely well-groomed and well-dressed sons of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant I (publisher of Interview) pop back onto our radar every so often with a new project. In 2012, Harry, the younger of the two, wrote about couture week for us; in 2013, he got a column in Interview (nepotism, perhaps) and now both brothers have teamed up for MAC's latest collaboration.

Following in the footsteps of people like Miley Cyrus, whom they've probably partied with, the Brants have curated a collection of their three favorite MAC products, according to a rep for the brand: a brow finisher, a cream base and a concealer palette. They'll be available online starting Thursday. Harry first shared news of the collab on Instagram.

The brothers' interest in style and beauty is no secret. Harry even detailed his beauty routine for Into the Gloss. And while there is no shortage of beautiful, recognizable "It" girls — er, people — in this industry that would be eager to do a cosmetics collab, the Brants have the rare quality of being men.

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While I'm sure plenty of men already shop the MAC counter for things like concealer and brow gel, that number will likely only increase after the Brants' endorsement. In fact, we've reached out to MAC to confirm this, but this might be the first ever MAC collaboration with men, that targets men.

See below for the Brants' products.