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Inotex Is Hiring An Experienced Menswear Designer In NYC

We are seeking highly passionate and committed individuals who are able to work in a busy and demanding environment.

Inotex is seeking an experienced Menswear Designer to start immediately. We are seeking highly passionate and committed individuals who are able to work in a busy and demanding environment.

Job type: Full-time/Freelance

Compensation: Depends on your experience

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  • Have a degree in a related field and/or 3-5 years of industry experience
  • Are passionate about Menswear and can provide a strong point of view about Menswear
  • Have a strong eye for Trend & Design
  • Be able to work in a very busy and demanding environment
  • Meticulous about getting all the details exactly right on the garment
  • Can communicate clearly design intent visually and verbally
  • Must be EXCELLENT in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • MUST understand garment construction and basic math so you can create accurate and detailed TECH PACKS
  • Have some knowledge of materials, trim finishes, art applications and printing processes
  • Can put in long hours and/or weekends that may be required during peak seasons
  • Know how to manage your time effectively
  • Know how to work collaboratively with other Designers, Developers and Product Line Managers
  • Can be agile and adaptive in finding creative solutions to roadblocks in the design process or can course correct if any changes arise to the line during midseason
  • Can offer point of view on fit and understands fit process, as well as provide brand relevant point of view

Main Responsibilities:

  • Designing the latest fashion forward seasonal collections to present to our customers
  • Researching the market for latest design ideas and trends
  • Participating in the building out process of concepts/themes with other designers
  • Participate in fabric selection
  • Predict the latest & next seasonal trends and ideas, formulating mood boards, design boards & color trend boards
  • Provide inspiration to Art Department for prints, patterns, graphics, and trims
  • Work with other designers on color palette development & color merchandising
  • Creating, updating and maintain TECH PACKS
  • Preparing and maintaining presentation walls throughout the season
  • Careful reviewing all details on prototypes and providing clear direction for any needed updates
  • Active participation in fittings and collaboration with Tech Design team to ensure product execution matches design & fit intent
  • Collaboration with Developers to ensure product execution matches quality standards for details & Construction
  • Travel for inspiration

To apply, please submit a CV, Resume, & a Portfolio of past work to John at