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'Interview' Magazine's September Issue is All About the Celebrity Selfie

J.Lo! Zayn! Kim!
Zayn Malik's cover of 'Interview.' Photo: Zayn Malik, presumably

Zayn Malik's cover of 'Interview.' Photo: Zayn Malik, presumably

Exactly one year after Vogue gave us "The Instagirls!" Interview is unleashing in its September issue the "#INSTAGANG."

Guided in part by the premise that Andy Warhol, Interview's founder, would be way into social media were he alive today, the magazine has dedicated eight covers to the art of the celebrity selfie. (The eight feature Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Mert Alas, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Zayn Malik's abdominal muscles thrown into high relief.) And the fun doesn't stop there. Prefaced by an interview with Instagram co-founder and freshly anointed fashion world darling Kevin Systrom, the ensuing pages are filled with self-portraits from characters like Cher, Kendall Jenner, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and Willow Smith. Here's, for instance, what Diplo came up with for his photo.

We'll allow it. Although he does look more like Macklemore than usual.

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Frankly, it's pretty impressive that Interview managed to wrangle this many famous people for a single issue, although asking them to take their own photos does cut down somewhat on the photo department's workload (not to mention, scheduling conflicts). Check out the full set of covers in the gallery below, and please take a moment to soak up the immensity of this cultural avalanche.