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In Dior Ad, Johnny Depp Buries Accessories, Releases Magic

Breakdown to breakthrough.

A Google inquiry on what Johnny Depp smells like reveals a lot of listicles about celebrities with a reputation for bad personal hygiene. Perez Hilton reported in 2010 that Depp has a personal stance against showers. And according to lifestyle expert Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp smells like patchouli and tobacco. Which is a delicate way of saying "like a rotting plant."

Dior doesn't care about this. It hired the pungent actor for an elaborate fragrance campaign featuring a short scentless film about a frustrated musician escaping to the desert in search of mental clarity. It's about a road trip and redemption. It's about oily man bangs and a sharp goatee. 

To summarize, here are some GIFs:

As Depp makes his way towards the horizon, he sees a bison walk by. He looks at it really hard. It's kind of sensual. 

He picks sand up and throws it around. 

Then he places all his accessories in the resulting hole.

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Photo: Dior

Photo: Dior

In the final climactic moments of the film, Depp discovers he has the ability to move clouds with his mind. Night falls. He applies another coat of under eyeliner. 

Photo: Dior

Photo: Dior

It's not magic, it's marketing. 

See the entire film below!