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Meet Maria, the Newest Member of Team 'Fashionista'

Nice to meet you.
Photo: Chan Lin

Photo: Chan Lin

It's strange having to write a blurb about myself that isn't a cover letter, but it's for a pretty exciting reason: On Wednesday I joined the Fashionista team as an associate editor. (Hi!)

Before landing here, I interned, interned some more, assisted a high-end fashion designer, was an editorial assistant at a magazine, worked at a start-up website and created marketing content for a few luxury beauty brands. Throughout my varied 9-to-5 work experiences, the constant thread (or in layman's terms, my "side hustle") was always pitching and writing stories for websites and magazines that I loved to read — including this one. Like many of my new colleagues here, Fashionista is one of the main reasons why I follow and write about the fashion industry. I'm beyond thrilled that I now get to do just that every day.

You can find me on Twitter at @bobilapizza where I'm happy to chat about other fun things, too — aside from fashion, I geek out about traveling, art and comedy on a regular basis. Thank you for reading and I can't wait for what's ahead!

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