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Learn How Wellness Became the Ultimate Luxury at Our New York Conference

Tickets are still available. Get yours today!
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

From juice cleanses to athleisure, it's never been chicer to take care of yourself. At our annual New York "How to Make It in Fashion" conference on Friday, Oct. 23, we'll be chatting with industry insiders about why living a healthy lifestyle is big business these days.

Our panel includes experts in entrepreneurship, consulting and editorial with a focus on all things health — from food and news to skin care and holistic medicine. Adam Moss is the founder and CEO of Heyday, a company that provides accessible and custom skin-care experiences in New York City; Lianna Sugarman founded Luli Tonix, which offers refreshing and nutritious raw blended greens, elixirs and cleanses; Melisse Gelula is the co-founder and editorial director of the healthy lifestyle and news website Well + Good; and Robyn Berkley is the founder of Live The Process, a curated resource on wellness and holistic health, as well as the brain behind the brand consulting firm RBBR.

Get your tickets today to learn how a passion for fitness and well-being can grow into a successful business.

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