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Maura's Lotus Flower Sweater

Mauve looks great on everyone.
Anna Sui wool-blend sweater, $310, available at Net-a-Porter.

Anna Sui wool-blend sweater, $310, available at Net-a-Porter.

Unfortunate, yet necessary disclaimer: I have no true intention of purchasing this sweater. It's a shame, really, because it incorporates nearly every quality I look for in a piece of knitwear. But, here we are again — that $300-plus price tag is just not in my budget at the moment (or, you know, for the next 10-ish years). This time, though, this realization thoroughly bums me out. Adulting is fun!

Anyway, here's the part where I talk about why I love this particular sweater — from Anna Sui's fall 2015 runway — so damn much. For starters, it features an ever-so-slight mock turtleneck, which automatically makes any garment 800 percent cozier. (That's how it works, right?) Then, there's the flower detailing: "grape lotus" blooms "inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design." The region of Scandinavia is known for having some kickass knitwear (thanks to the Vikings, or something), so it's only natural that I want to splay their interpretation of the lotus flower on my torso. Also, the word "mauve" may just be one of the most universally unappealing terms in the English language, but it's a color that looks good on everybody. And who doesn't like lavender? Nobody. Everyone likes lavender.

I should probably mention, though, that my birthday is on Saturday, so if you guys wanted to start a Kickstarter fundraiser on my behalf for this, I wouldn't be mad.

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Anna Sui wool-blend sweater, $310, available at Net-a-Porter.

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