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Alexander Wang Bowed Out at Balenciaga in a Way That Only He Could

There was Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg and Zoë Kravitz... and perhaps the most epic finale run of all time.
Alexander Wang (and Anna Wintour smiling in the back) Photo: Imaxtree

Alexander Wang (and Anna Wintour smiling in the back) Photo: Imaxtree

Considering the blowout that Alexander Wang planned for his 10th anniversary show (and after-party) in New York a couple of weeks ago, we had some suspicions that his spring collection for Balenciaga — his last for the house, after just three years as creative director — would pack a similar punch. Happily, we were right.

The California-born designer really allowed his personality to shine through this time around, from the soundtrack (Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Snoop Dogg), to the models (his muse Anna Ewers and famous friends like Zoë Kravitz, Riley Keough and Nicola Peltz), to the many aspects of the collection that seemed to cater to his "bad girl" fans, like golden cigarette cases fashioned as handbags and the lacy bedroom slippers that accompanied every pure white look.

The marble setting, angelic choir of voices coming through the speakers and serene pools of water in the shape of a cross not only created a very peaceful vibe but they seemed to be Wang's way of representing a rebirth of sorts, both for the house of Balenciaga and for his eponymous label back in New York. Most of the silk pieces — from dresses to ruffled camisoles and low-slung, striped pants — had a lingerie-like appeal. Wang's core customer isn't one to shy away from showing a little skin.

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Despite being monochromatic, there were plenty of delicate (and intricate) details to appreciate — especially on the backs of each look — and a myriad of materials to create texture. After the collection came to a close, Wang took what might go down in history as the most epic runway jog of all time, with his smartphone in hand for some selfies and a cheerful dance that almost left him falling into one of his pools. Sure, it was probably a bittersweet moment for the young designer who has a lot riding on his shoulders back in the States, but if this lively presentation was any indication, Wang's certainly looking forward to the next episode. (Yes, that was a Dre reference. Sue me.)