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Find Out How to Build a Brand in the Digital Age at Our NYC Conference

Our New York City conference is just two weeks away!

Over the past decade, we've watched the fascinating rise of direct-to-consumer fashion and accessories brands on the Internet. By cutting out the middle man (i.e., the department store), these brands are delivering better value and building strong and loyal customer bases. But for every Everlane and Warby Parker success story, there are hundreds of start-ups that fail. How do brands stand out and stay relevant in such a competitive environment?

At our New York "How to Make It in Fashion" conference on Oct. 23, we'll speak with founders of some of the most successful new brands in the business. Our speakers include: Christina Mercando, the founder and CEO of Ringly, a company that's dedicated to seamlessly integrating technology into our everyday lives and wardrobes; Julie Frederickson, CEO and co-founder of Stowaway, which offers beauty products perfectly packaged into manageable sizes for the on-the-go lifestyle; Kal Vepuri, co-founder of The Arrivals, which provides luxurious outerwear for men and women; Lane Gerson, co-founder and co-CEO of men's footwear line Jack Erwin; and Matt Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Tracksmith, which celebrates running culture with stylish and high-performance sportswear.

Tickets are still available to our all-day conference in New York City, where you’ll hear from industry luminaries and get a chance to be mentored one-on-one. The event is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 23, so grab your ticket today before they sell out.

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