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Chantal's Versatile Necktie

I cannot resist the promotional power of street style.
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Margaret Zhang in Daniel Avakian necktie and The Only Son blazer. Photo: Imaxtree

Margaret Zhang in Daniel Avakian necktie and The Only Son blazer. Photo: Imaxtree

I was on street style duty during Fashion Month, which means I pored over image after faux-candid image of perfectly put-together bloggers and editors to compile a roundup of each day's top looks. And while the best-looking people were usually wearing looks straight off the runway, Australian blogger and photographer Margaret Zhang stuck out by not only wearing a mix of more accessible designers, but also repeating pieces. I know, crazy.

One item she sported on several occasions was a thin black necktie from fellow Aussie Daniel Avakian. Usually these kinds of scarf ties come attached to blouses, specifically pussy-bow blouses, but this one is free to partner with whatever pussy it chooses. I mean, whatever blouse it chooses. 

But it wasn't until Lily-Rose Depp wore a thin red necktie to the Chanel show that I was fully convinced of the value of such an item in my closet. When in black and long enough to loop around my neck in a variety of ways, it really goes with everything: silk blouses, strapless tops and even cocktail dresses. Now if the fall weather could just hold a little bit longer, I'll be able to use it before it's time for my thick winter scarves. 

Silk necktie, $85, available at Daniel Avakian. 

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