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Dhani's Cozy, Authentic Fisherman's Sweater

Not that I need another sweater.
&Daughter Aran knit sweater, $260, available at Nordstrom.

&Daughter Aran knit sweater, $260, available at Nordstrom.

Though I despise winter, I probably have more sweaters than anything else in my closet. And even though I truly do not need any more of them, I can't stop finding extremely desirable jumpers (as the Brits call them) in every store I walk into. As a compromise, I invest in one, maybe two, really, really good sweaters each season that I know will stand the test of time, starting with this one.

Knitwear label &Daughter produces all of its sweaters in Scotland and Ireland, where Aran sweaters — also known as fisherman's sweaters — originated. In addition to its products' provenance, the brand emphasizes its dedication to using the best yarns and finishing everything by hand, resulting in one of the coziest, warmest and most classic-looking fisherman's sweaters out there. (The brand makes a lot of great non-fisherman's sweaters, too.)

It's a little pricey, but given its construction and authenticity, and the fact that it will (hopefully) be the only sweater I buy this season, it's worth it.

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&Daughter Aran knit sweater, $260, available at Nordstrom.

Update: That sweater has unfortunately sold out since we posted it. Sad! More options here and here.

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