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Gigi Hadid Directed a Music Video for Joe Jonas's Band

In which the Fat Jew applies sunscreen slowly to his upper thighs.

Hey everybody! Joe Jonas is a musician too, okay? Nick Jonas doesn't get to have all the fun

But actually, he's in a band called DNCE now and they have some catchy tunes, most notably "Cake by the Ocean," for which Jonas enlisted his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, aka Instagram's favorite model, to direct the group's very first music video. It turns out that after appearing in "Bad Blood" and "How Deep Is Your Love," Hadid really just wants to direct, you know? According to Entertainment Weekly, she partnered with Black Coffee, a person who is virtually impossible to Google search.

There's a lot going on in "Cake by the Ocean" — and not just water-adjacent dessert. The Fat Jew makes an enthusiastic, topless appearance to promote both his body and White Girl Rosé. The dating app Bumble gets some strategic screen time. And, of course, there are a lot of beautiful women in bikinis — all from Guess, a nod to Hadid's first campaign — led by goddess Candice Huffine

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Do you have a cake-related sexual fetish? Then this video is for you. It culminates in a giant, sugary food fight in which no bikini body is left untouched. Then the band runs into the ocean. The end.